The idea originated when our parents checked in on us after traveling to HackFSU, making sure we made the trip safely. We wanted to expand this idea to tackle real problems by acting as a safety net for anyone changing location. Our initial design focused on the prevention of human trafficking by monitoring a user's travel, and reaching out to individuals on a hierarchy of emergency contacts to make sure the user is safe.

What it does

Guardian syncs with a users Google account to receive travel plans, appointments, etc. and monitors a user's location to see if they make it there on time. If their location doesn't correspond with the anticipated location, Guardian sends a text message to the user asking if everything is okay. By using the Touch ID on their device, they can silence this notification. If an invalid fingerprint is used or the user does not respond, the first contact in the user-defined emergency contact hierarchy asks about the users whereabouts. This process continues until the user is guaranteed to be safe, or emergency services are contacted.

The user has the ability to preview upcoming events in the homepage of the app, and can instruct Guardian to ignore the event. Additionally, the user can restrict access to their Google account and location services in the settings page, and can set the amount of time Guardian should wait before responding to a missed appointment, or how long to wait for a user to respond to a message.

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