We were interested in supporting the local community of Bethlehem, while also honing our web design and development skills.

What it does

The app creates a customized web page based on user input that a business owner with minimal computer experience can use.

How I built it

We built the website builder using Node.js, using the Bluemix platform, along with the usual HTML, CSS and standard Javascript.

Challenges I ran into

We encountered some difficulty in learning Node.js, as we had only rudimentary prior Javascript experience. It was also difficult to have the Node.js portion of the project cooperate with the rest of the app.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We had an extreme sense of releif once our Node.js code finally began to "play nice" with the rest of the project.

What I learned

We gained significant understanding of the languages we used, databases, the idea development process, working productively with a team on a deadline, and most importantly we learned how fun hackathons are.

What's next for Grow4Blocks

We look forward to gaining community outreach, completing the apps functionality to its fullest, and experimenting with additional features.

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posted an update

After a year of developing this project, we have decided to shut the Grow4Blocks website builder down. We learned a lot from this project and were able to help out our community. Thanks to everyone for their help.

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