The inspiration for GreenCycle came from reading about how much problems bad recycling can cause. From there, we realized the potential for recycling and reuse in our community.

How we built it

I built this project using Swift on Xcode and the CreateML Developer Tool.

What it Does

Greencycle is a platform with a wide array of capabilities to help users to reuse and recycle better. Greencycle offers a machine learning based platform using AVFoundation and CreateML which can both instruct the user on which bin to put an item in and the types of items that go in certain bins. Further, Greencycle allows users to post unused items on the app where others can contact them about those items. In addition, using CoreLocation and MapKit, Greencycle allows users to see recycling centers near their current location. This feature also allows users to schedule a pickup which gets added to the route for the driver to pick up. When the driver is ready to pick up, a notification is displayed on the user's phones informing them that the driver is ready. Finally, Greencycle offers motivation for recycling by showing how you can get money from recycling and allowing users to keep track of their goals.

Challenges we faced

We had to learn how to display alerts and send messages from the app. Further, we had to create different machine learning models based on different images as previous models were not identifying the objects well

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