We live on this beautiful planet called earth! There is not a single day that I don’t feel guilty about how this dear planet of ours has to put up with all we have done to it. I feel overwhelmed and helpless. If only taking those first steps toward the betterment of our environment was easier, if only I could ask for help from those who feel the same way, may it could all be easier! Let me introduce you to Green Unisun, a scientific and data-driven platform that will let you know what you need and who you can ask for help!

What it does

Renewable energy production estimation and energy production potential are calculated using the geospatial data. Energy production potential is calculated based on the resource types ( eg, solar, temp, ...) This portal provides the details on the costs of installation, savings, earnings, greenhouse gas emission reduction per household per year.

For the first time, we found the scientific calculations for water harvesting and oil-water separation from the air by using the molecular dynamics simulations.

How we built it

The platform is built with node.js, HTML, vue.js python, matlab and Google cloud services. Built With javascript node.js matlab python google-cloud-services. vue.js

Molecular dynamic Simulations: LAMMPS package (bash scripting) VMD Gnuplot XMGRACE

App: Adobe XD

Challenges we ran into:

Coming up with an online tool for propagating awareness about the advantages of solar plans and water harvesting, providing financial incentives to invest in green technologies, and encouraging people to participate in reducing greenhouse gases by engaging in social activities.

Accomplishments that we're proud of:

Our interesting tool for calculating the costs, benefits, and environmental advantages of installing solar panels and water harvesting accessories works awesome. We have introduced a method for commercializing a novel scientific solution for providing people with fresh water. Last, but certainly not least, we have proposed a social network for financially supporting our green solutions.

We are proud of the platform that we have put together, our results are scientific and factual.

What we learned

Our mentors significantly helped us in understanding the current social and financial challenges for protecting the environment. We did extensive research on current green solutions, and we developed our methods by using the pre-existing technics.

What's next for Green Unisun

Refining our platform. Add new features such as personal and community Green Wall. Financial benefits such as tax incentives and an increase in property value. Also App development, user introduction, and business plan.

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