My first trip to San Francisco introduced me to a culture of environmental conservation and awareness. When I returned to New York, I thought why can't the rest of the country be aware of environmental concerns.

What it does

Green Future is a social gamification platform designed to inspire people to live a more conservation focused life. Our goal is to help people visualize what the effects of the small steps they make everyday to live a greener life can have on our planet's future. The U.S. goes through over 100 billion plastic shopping bags annually, many of which end up either in landfills or polluting our oceans water.

If one person took the pledge to stop using plastic bags at the grocery store and instead brought their own reusable bags they could prevent an average of 3,000 plastic bags from entering our oceans and landfills over a 10 year period. That's awesome but what if you were able to help convince 100 of your Facebook friends to do the same? Suddenly that number jumps to 300,000. And if each of them also leveraged their social media network to get the word out about conservatism? That number skyrockets to 30 million!

The platform will track how many other people sign up to take the pledge as a result of using your social network and track your effect on the planet using a leaderboard.

Our goal is to have conservationism go viral.

How we built it

We built our web application with JavaScript, Express, Nodejs, & Materialize. We built the dynamic maps with data from NOAA,, PlanetOS and Facebook. Heroku for Node.JS and Express and IBM Bluemix for MongoDB hosting.

Challenges we had

We had a difficult time sourcing relevant open data sets. We ended@up marrying many different set from different sources. We learned a lot about conservation and its effects (or lack of) in terms of waste management, production and consumption.

What's next for Green Future

We plain to add more metrics to our calculations other than just plastic bag conservation.

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