For a lot of people, daily life can be stressful and overweelming, it often leads to burnout or an unfilfiling life. Sometimes what people need is time to reflect over their day to be more grateful and grow from their experiences. Greatful symbolizes a conversation between you and your inner thoughts of the day. Users are able to turn on the device and be immersed in a radio show with them as a guest. Like a host starting a radio show, the reflection will be a voice greeting, followed by a replay of your hopes for the day recorded in the meeting before. The user can then talk about their day and end with their message for the next day.

What it does

3 unique features include:

  1. Replaying the user's hopes the previous day to entice daily reflection.
  2. Radio Speaker to recreate a personal session with the host. Microphone shape to invite you to talk about your feelings.

How I built it

Greatful was sketched using Procreate, modeled using Autodesk Fusion 360, and implemented using Arduino.

Challenges I ran into

The device in tangible, and it was a challenge creating multiple 3D printed prototypes.

What I learned

I learned a lot about the design thinking process and creating a finished tangible product.

What's next for Greatful

Hopefully this project could be a start and inspiration to a movement of expressing gratitude daily.

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