GoToClass (GTC) was inspired by my own experiences with attendance processes in my own university courses. Often times these processes are both inefficient and inaccurate. Many times students will either get their friends to sign them in on the roll sheet that is passed around or valuable class time is wasted as professors verify one by one in large classes. GoToClass helps solve these problems for both students and professors.

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What it does

With the student version of GTC, students are able to quickly and easily sign in at the beginning of class. And professors can rest assured with the 3 step verification process.

Location - GTC uses geo-location to verify the student is within range of the classroom. Time - Students are only able to sign in for attendance during specified class times. Identification - Using Facial recognition students are promoted to take a picture of themselves which is cross referenced to their GTC profile.

How I built it

GTC is a set of iOS applications, student and professor version, built using XCode and Swift 4.2. In addition to these tools GTC utilizes the Kairos RESTful API to detect and verify images of users agains their previously uploaded images.

Challenges I ran into

One challenge I ran into was balancing the amount of photos needed to optimize facial verification with ease of use. I found that using only one image worked, but in certain conditions performed poorly. Uploading multiple images for the service to cross reference when verifying my identity in future situations.

The other challenge I ran into was determining the accuracy at which I could get the application to detect the user's location. Ideally the user must be in the classroom to sign into class, but if there is a poor connection this radius around the class room is hard to verify.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am proud that I was able to get the 3 step verification process to this consistent and reliable state. Also getting the professor's version of the application completed in the short time allotted was very exciting.

What I learned

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