Not All Backs are Packed: An Origin Story (Inspiration)

A backpack is an extremely simple, and yet ubiquitous item. We want to take the backpack into the future without sacrificing the simplicity and functionality.

The Got Your Back, Pack: U N P A C K E D (What's it made of)

GPS Location services, 9000 mAH power battery, Solar charging, USB connectivity, Keypad security lock, Customizable RBG Led, Android/iOS Application integration,

From Backed Up to Back Pack (How we built it)

The Empire Strikes Back(packs) (Challenges we ran into)

We ran into challenges with getting wood to laser cut and bend properly. We found a unique pattern that allowed us to keep our 1/8" wood durable when needed and flexible when not. Also, making connection of hardware and app with the API was tricky.

Something to Write Back Home To (Accomplishments that we're proud of)

Packing for Next Time (Lessons Learned)

To Pack-finity, and Beyond! (What's next for "Got Your Back, Pack!")

The next step would be revising the design to be more ergonomic for the user: the back pack is a very clunky and easy to make shape with little curves to hug the user when put on. This, along with streamlining the circuitry and code, would be something to consider.

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