After working with various teams and noticing that conflicts and hidden problems are often brewing under the surface, it would be helpful for organisations to be able to track this. The inspiration for me was seeing the effect of conflicts, as someone left a team due to a misunderstanding.

What it does

Our long term goal is to implement real time speech to text and sentiment analysis on the text, then collecting and acting on that data in a way that is useful for leaders.

During uni hack we were able to implement sentiment analysis of unihack by analysis twitter data.

How I built it

We built our sentiment analysis of twitter data using splunk.

We set out to build a speech to text and sentiment analysis of that text data using bluemix and watson AIs but ran into some technical difficulties :(

Challenges I ran into

Damien: Not having much of a technical background.

David: Had to learn front end stuff.

James: Trying to pick up a lot of new stuff on the go.

Peter: Trouble figuring out splunk and the set up.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Damien: Helping with the pitch side of things and helping to create a business vision for the idea.

David: Learning front end stuff.

James: Sticking with it to the end despite major setbacks.

Peter: Yo yo yo, my dope ass tweets #swag

What I learned

Damien: How to make changes on the fly and deal with it. A lesson for future is in regards to scoping down more appropriately to something achievable.

David: Front end stuff

James: The scope of our initial goals were probably a bit ambitious. Learned that it is really important to keep things simple and that it is important to find out the best way to utilize everyone's skills early in the project. Also, the environment you work in conjunction with fatigue and stress can have a greater effect on productivity than I would have anticipated, best to plan ahead to avoid any problems that can arise because of these.

Peter: Learning about the struggles of actually implementing your plans. And splunk.

What's next for Good Teams

A Cold hard Vic

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