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Our hack this year is to help those in need in times of covid. For the lack of imagination we named it Good Samaritan. It is an app that gives the people who face higher risks for infection and worse outcome a chance to stay home and healthy. It's based on fact that if it doesn't cause us much trouble we're usually ready to help others.

We decided to use FastApi web framework to make it as easy as possible for user. Someone in need can add products they want to a list and save it. The orders are then submitted to blockchain along with the requesters contact info in order to avoid scams. Someone going to the store can see the ones closest to them by geolocation and pick the one they want.

It was a plan to use Alexa and add speech recognition in order to make it even easier for the elderly who don't play well with technology. Unfortunatelly it was only 2 of us and we ran into some problems using technologies we've never used before. We could only do so much in 24 hours, but we might finish it to se how it plays out anyway.

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