GongBu was inspired by the need to take notes in a more efficient manner. Visual learners have always benefited from formatting their notes, but current applications only allow them to do so through buttons that the user has to press in the middle of the note-taking process, therefore creating challenges for the user to take notes efficiently.

What it does

GongBu allows you to customize your own shortcuts to format your notes in any way. By incorporating short and simple custom tags while taking notes, your notes automatically get formatted the way you want them to be formatted. In a way - it is you own's markdown language, but much more formatting possibilities than markdown.

How I built it

Firebase for our database, html,js,css, jquery and some bootstrap for frontend, illustrator for icons.

Challenges I ran into

Regex, regex, regex, regex

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Making regex somewhat work

What I learned

Regex and Firebase

What's next for GongBu

Adding more custom formatting preferences and fixing regex parsing functions so that we can provide a bugless experience to the user

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