GoGreen was built by CodeOn, a group of 3 students from the LASA Robotics team in Austin. At the end of the year robotics celebration, they organized to come to SOHack and make an Android app. The idea for GoGreen came from the programmers' wish to work with location sensing APIs. In the end, the wide variety of features includes code to sense whether or not someone is biking, to locate and display nearby parks and trails, and to count steps. There's also a points system to reward app users for "Going Green."

The development team consists of Ehsan Asdar, a rising junior and experienced Java programmer, Arthur Pachachura, also a LASA Robotics code monkey and rising junior, and Audrey Lewis,a rising senior with negligible code experience and some graphic design skills. During the process of building the app, everyone learned a bit of each other's areas of expertise, and how to work together using tools like GitHub. In addition, the team picked up a forth member at SOHacks, Alex Cordier, who worked on his own projects for the duration of the Hackathon. Lastly, the team designed a website to inform everyone about the functionality of GoGreen, and practice HTML and CSS.

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