The inspiration for Globo was a desire to better connect the world without any language barriers.

What it does

Globo is a global news aggregator that automatically translates articles that are foreign to the reader into their native language. This app is designed to provide its users with a way to escape their country's media perspective and see current events through a global lens.

How we built it

We used a global news sweeper to pull news sources from all over the world.

We then filtered and sorted these articles by relevance.

We found a base map to add a visual element to the global nature of worldwide media

We automatically send the headlines and articles through Google Translate so you can get right to reading!

Challenges we ran into

AutoLayout issues in UIKit when changing article text from original to translated versions.

Finding ways to optimally push relevant news to the user, rather than Buzzfeed-esque articles.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We created an app that we actually want to use!

What we learned

Attempting to format things correctly makes Jacob angry.

There were 11 dead babies in a ceiling in Detroit.

What's next for Globo


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