I saw a story about a female soldier who was brutally raped, and sexually harassed by her comrades. She could do nothing. No one payed attention to her story, and she suffered for months, after which, the story came out on Instagram. Why couldn't she seek support then? Where could she seek support? Nowhere. All these social media and entertainment sites are there for your entertainment. But when someone is in trouble, and needs help from the rest of the world, these apps are useless. People all over the world have problems and situations they are in, that they cannot share with others in the fear of what their friends will think, what society will think about them. And most of the time, because they don't know where to go. The people are in need of advice, and just want someone to talk to them, and tell them what to do. That is because it is really hard to make tough, and beneficial life decisions when you are under constant abuse-both mentally and physically. I realized how much of a problem this was, decided to make a move.

What it does

Global Soft support is an online web app where anyone can anonymously describe their situation and troubles, and someone from any part of the world will answer them with a way to get out. You can also talk with the ChatBot! SO no one will track you, and you can get inputs on your situation from a person who has a way clear mind!

How I built it

We used MongoDB as my backend database. I use node.js as the backend script, and connected that with the middleware using express. I also applied the IBM Watson ChatBot Assistant in my project. I created this from scratch, and have it working on my site. have deployed everything using Heroku.

Challenges I ran into

I started off with an idea, clueless about which technologies I should be using, or if I would be able to use them or not. It took me 2 days to plan the project, and 1 day to code. But in the end, I did it!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I was able to make a full stack project from scratch(I did not use any GIT cloning :) ). Not only that, but I learned and we created at the same time.

What I learned

I learned how to use node.js and express to connect my backend(MongoDB Database to my front end)

What's next for Global Soft Support

I plan on reaching out to each corner of the world, and providing this website to everyone who is in need. I also plan to refine the site to be more user friendly.

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