My partner for this project is a huge makeup fanatic, while I am an avid UX designer

What it does

Share your looks with great selfies, discover the products your friends and the best influencers use, leave ratings and reviews, find out what similar people do with the best brand

How we built it

First we planned out what we wanted and then planned out an overlay and how we want everything to be structured and then we began to do some research into some of the products, and style. From a visual perspective, the app looks like Instagram because that it one of my favorite layouts. In our design process which is in the portfolio attached, we listed the font used along with the specific styles of design.

Challenges we ran into

We had trouble starting off, meaning that it was hard to come up with a overall layout and wireframe that looked aesthetically pleasing

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The app itself and the whole design process that was implemented

What we learned

Personally, I learned more about the beauty world more than I have in my life, besides that, we began the project with an end in mind. We would ask ourselves; what is the most important result of this app and how can we measure its success.

What's next for Glo

To be able to code and launch it into the app store

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