Mercy Corps is a global humanitarian aid agency engaged in transitional environments that have experienced some sort of shock: natural disaster, economic collapse, or conflict.

One of the problems Mercy Corps is facing right now is the insufficient systems for managing mapping data. The incomplete or incorrect maps, and admin layer data can be costly, even dangerous. The lack of timely data and information impacts decision making and coordination with other organizations.

As an example, in April 2015 when the intense earthquake hit Nepal the Mercy Corps emergency response team moved to the affected regions of the country, where they were coordinating with multiple local and international Organizations, to serve communities and beneficiaries. The team members realized that some of their help actions were inefficient due to errors and discrepancies they found in their maps. In consequence, they had to meet with developers and local communities to update the maps, so that they could reach the beneficiaries as it was planned from the beginning. The whole process took weeks.

To seek the constant innovation Mercy Corps has proposed an open source collaborative mapping tool that allows users to share and update admin boundaries for each of the countries Mercy Corps works in. This tool is a central map service that contains a GEOJSON based data feed and transforms Shapefiles and KML and stores them in a central GIS database. It has a searchable map interface that allows users to coordinate with other organizations and donors where they are working and areas that are underserved.

What it does

GLADMap is collaboration and communication platform providing the ability to track, share and communicate during the times of crisis and disasters. This platform provides features to mark crisis areas, communicate the data to stake holders, volunteers ,analyze data by uploading the GeoJson files and share with other organizations. Platform is built on top of open source technologies , helpful in building improved features and adopt by other organizations.

How we built it

This platform leverages the open source technologies including python,Flask,D3.JS,Leaflet.JS,geodal.

Challenges we ran into

Requirement gathering, combating sleep, Trying new technologies, clustering and aggregating data,merging branches

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Client satisfactory end product, Developing stuff for a good cause

What we learned

team work , new technologies

What's next for GLAD Map

GLADMap is a platform which can be developed as full fledged crisis management and collaboration platform , useful for many NPOs

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