Not everything is a precious quote, your grocery list or your million dollar business idea. Sometimes you just need to keep some information for a shorter period of time without wanting to waste time organizing it or find it again. Ghostnote is made for those situations. We call it contextual notes.

How it works

Ghostnote is a new concept in note taking. A folder, a file, an application, a document in an application or even a website. Ghostnote let you attach notes to all of these and will automatically remember the context you took them. Simply click the ghost icon to add your notes and simply click it again to call it back up.

Challenges I ran into

Getting around the many limitations Apple Sandbox imposes on your app when you want to distribute it via the app store.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Unique tool, as far as I can see the only one of it's kind. I think we solved contextual note taking pretty good.

What I learned

That just because an application is simple doesn't mean it's easy to do. Learned a lot by developing this app.

What's next for Ghostnote

We are working on a Windows version and adding Team Notes via ex. Dropbox

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