People need information, people want information. This came to my mind when I was doing a grocery shopping and the customer next to me was coughing. I left immediately marking that spot with an X, meaning I won’t go there for the next months. So, I thought, what if there is some kind of a tracing app that anonymously records GPS location and whenever somebody tests positive, he will notify the rest?

What it does

Pretty simple, but very useful. The app is for everyone. When we are about to leave our house, we turn the GPS track on within the app. The interval is set to 2 minutes and it records our location until we turn it off. So, we do this on a daily basis, grocery shopping, traveling to work by local transport and all of those daily activities. But, one day, we receive a notification that on one of our routes, we crossed paths with a positive carrier. What? How!? It is because a user pressed a button within the app “POSITIVE” that immediately sent a notification to everyone that crossed their GPS location. This doesn't mean that you are infected, but it's a warning and makes you more aware of the locations that you should avoid.


On the main screen there will be a feed with global news about the virus, local news, and daily cases with a local map of previously infected people and their shared location. At the bottom is the on/off toggle.


We have to help each other. With everyone involved, we're gonna have a clearer insights of what should be avoided. This app will allow people to be more aware of the infected locations.

Built With

  • apis
  • gps
  • maps
  • uikits
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