150-word Summary

Topics on social justice need to be properly highlighted and taught to the youngest generation. Gen Now is a platform that educates teenagers on social justice issues through visual novels and other interactive components in a uniquely exciting way.


In an age of immense cultural, political, and wealth disparity, there exist evermore miscommunications between one another. Social justice issues are not thoroughly explained in history classrooms, and as a result, many children grow up without a deep understanding of the world’s most pressing issues. Gen Now is an educational web app that presents social justice topics in a digestible and interactive format to middle school through high school students. We aim to spark a new generation of social activists by enabling teenagers to educate themselves and take action, starting NOW.

What it does

New users have the option to create an account or browse topics as a guest user. Our app will partner with schools to create a database of students using this app at each school so that you can see what your peers are up to. Existing users will log in to see the home page display trending social justice issues, followed by a list of stories the user is currently in progress of reading. On the “Topics” page we have 3 tiers of specificity for each category, and each story is a visual novel followed by a quiz and suggested action items. The completion of each story and quiz rewards the user with points, which generates a weekly leaderboard on the “Friends” tab. Our bookmarks feature allows users to save a story so they can return to it at a later time.

How we built it

Wireframed and prototyped in Figma, visuals created with Procreate and Adobe Illustrator.

Challenges we ran into

Our team members were all located in different time zones so we had to adjust to each other's schedules accordingly. This was also our first time working together as a team, we were challenged to communicate effectively with each other to make sure there were no misunderstandings during the whole process.

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