The story behind our code began as web, but then transitioned to mobile. The app allows users to shop nearby classifieds on the go. It is based on a simple swiping function, either right or left, in order to determine whether or not they like the item. It facilitates efficient, rapid viewing of item profiles, consisting of photos, brief descriptions, price, and location. Preloading the item profiles adds to this process, creating an 'endless' stream of items. We were inspired by Rumbler, our initial app that's "like tinder, but for people who want to fight". After realizing Rumbler broke various Terms of Service agreements and was probably illegal, we shifted focus to a less deadly, but nevertheless competitive line of services. Our target users are young urban residents: university students looking to sell items and new homeowners scouring for furnishings.

Key features: simple UI, ease of use, mobility and portability is also on our team, problemw ith challenge post

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