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Parents want to protect their children from the dangers of the online world. With the rise of cyberbullying and game addiction, the need for a reliable parental control platform has never been greater. It's estimated that over 70% of children have experienced cyberbullying and severe game addiction affects over 60 million people world-wide. Protecting children doesn't have to mean shutting them off from the world. With the right tools, we can empower kids to explore the digital world with confidence and freedom. A parental control platform can help set boundaries, monitor activity, and provide support and resources to protect children from cyberbullying and game addiction. Working together, we can create a safer, more supportive online environment.

What We Built

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We've created a user-friendly parental control platform that features a straightforward API and mobile application. Any video game can easily add parental controls by integrating with our platform. By doing so, they'll also be able to leverage our easy-to-use mobile application. This makes it convenient and simple for parents and guardians to monitor and manage their children's online activity in a customized way.

Easy API integration

Mobile Application

Check out a video demo of our UI here

Dynamic Time Controls


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This project comprised three parts, all reliant on each other. First, we created a mobile app using React Native for parents to interface with. Second, we developed a backend to tie the entire experience together and enable the app's functionality. Lastly, we integrated our service with Roblox using their Lua API to add content-aware restrictions. Our backend runs on NodeJS using Express as the foundation for our REST API, in conjunction with PostgreSQL to store game and user data.

Challenges & Growth

Developing Game Guardian came with its fair share of challenges. One of the primary challenges we faced was integrating our service with Roblox using their Lua API to add content-aware restrictions. This required a significant amount of effort as we had to work with a different programming language than what we used for our backend and mobile app. Another challenge was ensuring that our platform could easily integrate with any video game, which required us to create a straightforward API that could seamlessly integrate with various games.

Ultimately, the challenges just motivated us to work harder. Through them, we learned and became more flexible and adept programmers.

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