I logged into the CSC discord and someone was trying to get people to "pledge" csc for poker games. I thought, I can build this pretty quickly. 3 weeks later, "Poker Rooms" were made.

What it does

Gambit allows you to integrate your Xumm wallet into the application. Once you have created the trust line and received the test CSC in your account you can join open rooms. Once in the room you will have to wait for the end of the current deal. Then you ante in and receive your cards and continue as normal Texas holdem. Player cards are e2e encrypted. The deck is e2e encrypted by the database/server. At the end of the deal the server ranks the highest hand disburses the funds.

How we built it

I build it using swift as I enjoy building native applications. Originally the application had a self custody wallet but I believe the Xumm KYC and CSC partnership could really help with some legal issues.

Challenges we ran into

End 2 End encryption was the most difficult to set up and get going. Some of my prior thoughts around e2e were not correct. Blinds are also very difficult. The idea that the round is "sealed" but the previous round contains a partial bet is confusing. Now we do an ante style were all users are required to pay the ante before the cards are dealt.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

What we learned

What's next for Gambit

Licensing. Licensing. Licensing.

I would also like to write the entire game using c and hooks. Technically the entire game could be written in c using hooks and e2e however the memory store might be too much but it would be fun to test.

Built With

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posted an update

The TestFlight external link is to an older version of the app and Apple has not approved the new submission. When they approve the new submission you will be notified. Then download the new app, login and create your self custody XRP testnet account.

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