Finding the hidden secrets that only the locals know.


We’re from Cyprus - and when our friends go there, we always tell them about the amazing secret places that we know about. They're often difficult to find, but we can tell you how to get there. These are the secrets that the tourists don't know about, but they're always magical.

With this hack, we want to tackle this problem and scale the solution. Not everyone has a friend in the country that they want to go visit - Further becomes that trusted friend in your pocket.

How it works:

Locals share their experiences, so that Travellers can experience places like a local. Travellers pay a small fee to access the full itinerary of items and the locals get paid for sharing their knowledge.

Why we're different:

Where a startup like Hype is about advice from locals for locals, and another startup called Esplorio is about advice by tourists for tourists - Further solves the problem through local knowledge for tourists.

In our online webapp:

A local goes online to write an experience, they log in and see their dashboard. They want to create a new experience, so they add a title, categories, summary & a heads up of a budget if the experience is likely to cost the traveller something.

The local then adds the items - the step by step bits of the day. These nuggets include how to get there, where to eat, what to take with and when to go. Locals include the tips they feel are important to the experience.

When the local is done, the experience goes live. The local then sees a dashboard to view the experiences they have uploaded. Since the experiences are sold for a small fee, the locals can see & manage their revenue. The locals get 80% of the amount paid by the travellers and we get 20%. It is a marketplace business model with the potential to become subscription based too.

In our mobile app:

Andreas’s Nordic twin Brother Andrs (who likes cats) wants to go to Cyprus.

He logs into the app, where he’ll find the experiences he's bought. For this trip he wants a new experience so he heads over to Search & Discover.

He selects Cyprus & chooses a few categories, like romantic, beach, sunshine, coastal. Out of the suggestions, he chooses the experience he wants and looks at the summary. He decides to purchase and gets access to the full experience.

During the experience, he can check his watch for full access to the details of the experience as the final step in a truly multiplatform travel experience.

Expand your horizons. Be a local on holiday, not a tourist.

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