Creators: Tasneem Almohamad, Saadya Rao, Claire Wang, Sarah Young


As high school and college students, we were all faced with the challenges that come with applying to >college. One of the main issues with the college applications process is the lack of consolidated >information with regards to the financial aid process. So, we created Fund My Future in an effort to >provide students and parents with the latest financial aid information from various universities in a >concise, navigable, and readable fashion.

What it does

Instead of using several different websites to learn about a single college’s financial aid policies, >students and parents can save time by using just one reliable website for any college: Fund My Future! >All they have to do is search up any college either by name or by location, using our map feature, and >they can learn about the tuition, housing & meal costs, amount of financial aid given, pell grants, loans, >FAFSA & CSS codes, and needs based qualities of the college. Additionally, we provide the types of >aid students can receive or apply for such as scholarships, grants, employment, and loans.

How we built it

Using Figma, we designed the front-end design of what our website would ideally look like. From >there, we coded a website using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to put our ideas into place. However, for >front-end design, we put a different design area since our Figma website design was not completed in >time (we would like to implement it in the future though!). In addition, we used the Google Cloud >Google Maps Platform to integrate a feature where users can search by location.

Challenges we faced

Because most of us were not familiar with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Figma, and/or Github, each of us >had to learn these areas to be able to contribute to the project. In addition, there were financial aid >terms and different areas that we had to research more in depth to be able to create the project.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of being able to create such an essential platform that could help many prospective and >transferring college students. We are also happy to be able to learn so much during this hackathon.

What we learned

We learned how to use Github, operate Figma, and code in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. We also >learned how to create a website with these components.

What's next for Fund My Future

For the next step, we are looking forward to expanding our database to incorporate more colleges >around the nation for users to navigate. We would also add an “add to the list” button for prospective >students to save the schools they like for future reference.

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