With technology around us today, many kids already had their first contact with smartphones in their early age. This made some of the kids more aware about their smartphones as they spend a lot of time with it. When I see my 2nd grade nephew playing happily with games at their phone, and get lazy when her mom asked her to learn from a book, is when I get the inspiration.

The idea was to combine education and games. We actually held a deep researched about what game can do in education, and the result is splendid. The keyword we get is “If you having fun, then you’ll naturally be understood”. This applies to all knowledge.

What it does

Fun with English is an educational Game of learning English. It also includes the curriculum of current elementary school. We also make sure to use the right curriculum to make sure that what they learn will make an impact in their school grade. Fun with english has 4 gameplay that each of it serves a purpose such as, reading, conversation, spelling, and basic multiple choices.

How I built it

The first step we do is research. We read and read books about Learning English for Elementary student. After the research period, we started to develop the Game. We make several game play and do the trial and error. We built this game using Construct 3, it helps us to develop the game faster.

Challenges I ran into

Collecting the tester of 2nd Grade

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Manage to develop and release the game on Facebook Instant Game platform

What I learned

That creating an educational game is not as easy as it looks.

What's next for Fun With English

We will continue receiving feedback, and add several new features based on Facebook Instant Game API.

Update :

  • Add leaderboard for each theme using Facebook Instant Game API
  • Add Share Button to share game result using Facebook Instant Game API

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