There is enough food production to feed the whole population, yet there is famine and hunger all around the world. Now more than ever farmers are having to waste their products do to over production and more people are facing hunger due to unemployed caused by Covid-19. This has caused nonprofits to be overwhelmed as they have limited refrigerators to store perishable foods and an ever increasing line of people in need. This inspired us to create a solution to facilitate communication between farmers, nonprofits, and people in need. So we created Full->Fill: Bridging the Gap with Full->Fill.

What it does

Full->Fill is a end-to-end platform that allows farmers to get their goods to people in need through donations. We wanted to provide an easy-to-use platform that facilitated communication between the farmers, nonprofits, and the people in need. The farmers can reach a specialized page after logging in where they can fill in their information for nonprofits to be able to contact them, pick up the resources, as well as accounting what the resources are. Farmers that participate can then be awarded with tax breaks for their donations. The nonprofits can then view this information after they log into their page as well as delivery schedules and the communities in need that they can deliver to. People who need these resources can then search by their location and see what is the nearest location to them alongside the time and date of delivery.

How we built it

We began building by sketching a wire-frame and discussing what were the features of the application and their purposes so we can create a product that is easy to understand and use for the end user. Once that was complete we began building in React-Native JavaScript through Expo which allowed deployment into Android and iOS. We wanted to ensure this application was available to as many people as possible!

Challenges we ran into

Some challenges we faced were team miscommunication due to having to work virtually. As well as working with React-Native JavaScript which is a platform we are not familiar with. We also had trouble understanding page navigation in this platform.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

We are super proud to get a running app that works across Android and IOS! On top of that, getting past the difficulties of communication in a virtual hackathon is always a plus :)

What we learned

Since this was the first time our team has used React/JavaScript, Firebase, and Docker, we learned a lot of new technologies! We weren't able to implement all of these, but they all played a role in getting us to our final product.

What's next for Full->Fill

We would like to be able to pinpoint where communities in need are. We also want to make the application have a website so we are able to reach even more people. Additionally, we plan to connect our React scripts with Google's Firebase with the use of Expo. With this we will be able to add the EPA data of where excess food can be found.

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