Intuitive mobile applications, dash cams, sudden events sharing.

What it does

Take a photo of the event that you're taking part in and alert friends or people nearby! We know your location, let us spot you and list along with all the users in your area (with selected radius) with push notifications even when their application is off. With TRNQL, the application always shows the most accurate personalized data just for you!

How we built it

Magda created graphics and design part, Patrick created the Android application using 'TRNQL' smart people, smart places and location services and Norbert made the backend part as well as servers management.

Challenges we ran onto

Time - we wasn't able to ship all the functionalities in given time.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We achieved the core functionality and the application is ready to be reviewed!

What we learned

We learned how to solve issues that our technologies create when working together!

What's next for FSpotter

In the future we intend to allow users to invite friends and share specific events only within selected people!

Built With

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