We were inspired by busy people who want to save time and money. fridgeIT's goal is to help people save money by not buying double on food that they already have or may have forgotten by reminding people about expiration dates. It also saves people that extra trip to the grocery store since they'll be kept updated with the food that they have!

What it does

fridgeIT scans the barcode for a food item and then pulls information about that food item from a database. A list of a user's food items is stored on their device or a database and maintains an updated list of the food item information including expiration date, nutritional facts, and dietary notices (like allergens, restrictions, etc) allowing a user to see at a glance what's in their fridge wherever they are.

How we built it

We primarily built it with confused faces and shrugs all around. But we also used html5, css, java, javascript, spring-boot, Hibernate, and some design apps like Adobe Illustrator and Figma.

Challenges we ran into

All of them. The first obstacle was getting Google Cloud Platform (GCP) up and running. Then the coding. Then one team member had to leave us because of emergencies. And the problem ended up being more difficult than anticipated, leading to more coding and running into lots of error messages.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Getting a functioning website running as well as a prototype. Meeting each other since we didn't show up with a #squad. Getting more of the code to work than we planned. Tackling the Vision API from GCP!

What we learned

GCP has a steep learning curve, especially for some of us who may be new to hackathons and coding in general. However, we learned that we got a lot done in the 24 hour time period despite a couple of rough starts.

What's next for fridgeIT

It would be cool to focus it on non-perishable items as well as maybe get it to something that looks closer to the created prototype.

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