An interesting opportunity to learn about network programming and low-level SDL

What it does

A multiplayer racing game written in C++

How we built it

A truly cross platform development, using git to collaborate between a Windows environment using Visual Studio and a Linux environment using gcc and emacs

Challenges we ran into

Socket based networking is difficult, especially if you need to do it in C++, do it i=over Wi-Fi, or do it in a cross-platform way. Each of those represented hours of debugging.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The game works, first and foremost. It's fun to play, the art style is interesting.

What we learned

Much of the SDL library. How to deal with sockets and unreliable messages. How to do blend modes and textures in OpenGL. Also, Ron learned the true meaning of friendship.

What's next for Frictionless

An android port looks possible, although the control scheme is not the best for it. Much of the architecture is designed to support any number of players, not just two. A webgl port (for browsers) is also possible.

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