An overview of what your project does

Freud is ideally designed to improve the wellbeing of individuals struggling with finding an output for their weekly emotions. Freud utilizes voice processing to capture your daily emotional state and will construct an overview of your week's emotions. After thoroughly analyzing your low points and high points of your week, it will provide constructive feedback to go about your week and possible improvements for your life.

How your team built it

We used React, Node.js, Twilio, Google Cloud Natural Language, and Firebase.

Challenges, accomplishments, and what you learned


Time management · Team members coming in from Toronto

· Fatigue from classes and work slowed productivity

· Lack of focus during ideation

Getting a consensus on an idea · Struggled in early stages in ideating projects

· Eventually concluded ideation hours into the hackathon

Trouble shooting

· Trouble figuring out what was wrong with our code in some places - a lot of the problems didn't have a direct source

· Unorganized with our project in the beginning, had trouble cleaning our code and finding out what works and what doesn't

Accomplishments · Language Processing · Style Components · Flexbox

What we learned · React · Firebase · UI and UX Design · Javascript

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