Being a freshman was bad enough in high school--why go through all of that pain again in college? With Campus IPS, Campus Indoor Positioning System, looking lost is no longer a problem! Instead of searching around madly for your next class (and risk your social rep by looking stupid), use Campus IPS to track your live location indoors!

The Why, the Hose, & the What

Why: To improve indoor location services and quality of user input experience. How: Through trilateration and the the relative strength of WiFi Routers of a known location. What: An app that provides the user with their live location within a building.

How we built it

Starting with source code from WiFi Analyzer, we collected and converted dBm levels (WiFi strength) to distances. To-scale building layout maps were also made Adobe Illustrator. In Java we used trilateration to convert the user's distance from nearby WiFi Routers to a location within the building. We then displayed the user's location to the user's screen on the created layouts.

The User Experience

The user can walk around and see their location live on their screen. Campus IPS updates every 500 ms and tracks your movement between floors.

Challenges we ran into

  • Updating/refreshing data in a timely manner
  • Translating decibel strength of a WiFi router to distance from said router
  • Utilizing 3+ routers and trilateration to determine exact location and floor level

Accomplishments that We're Proud Of:

  • Providing accurate indoor location services using already established infrastructure
  • Improving user experience of large, indoor spaces

What We Learned:

Not all methods of location determination are created equally and can be used for the same purposes. Global Positioning System (GPS) technologies cannot be used for Indoor Position Systems. However, the methods and math can be used. Changing the location relative to global satellites to the location to more localized WiFi routers provides the accuracy needed to determine position indoors.

Future Improvements to Campus IPS:

The possibilities for indoor location services are endless. We hope to expand our outreach by becoming compatible with an array of devices. We plan to increase our services by implementing the technology in more buildings, making the map searchable, and creating navigation services. These improvements will increase the usability of the app and further improve the user experience.

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