Many people want locally grown food but many farmers markets schedules and vendors change regularly. If all the farmers markets were in one convenient interactive map, we can connect people to locally grown fresh food. This helps the local economy and the local vendors from tossing away unsold fresh food. And it's a great place for someone new in the city to meet the community. It's simply something we love that we wish could be easier to do!

What it does

Fresh Finder plots given data and shows relevant information for farmers markets in your area. Find out their hours, address, and social media. Follow your favorite farmers markets on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter!

How we built it

It was built using a Flask framework with a Python backend. We used a javascript frontend to process geoJson data to display into the google maps API.

Challenges we ran into

It was extremely difficult to find the right data and a _whole other world _ to work with it.

And half way through the mini-hackathon, we had to do a major pivot! Our original idea was to create an scrap tweets and map their geolocation. We were able to scrape APIs but hours later, we found that that rarely do tweets include geolocation even though the API allows for it.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

It works!

We have a functioning proof of concept that we can build on. =)

What we learned

API limitations can severely restrict project outcomes and the importance of scoping a project appropriately to the timeframe.

What's next for Fresh Finder

We hope to get a better dataset. Add filtering of the data so users can look specific vendors, types of vendors, and food type.

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