• People spend too much time on their devices nowadays

  • Disengages from society and does not spend that time with their loved ones or towards the things they are passionate about

  • Become too reliant on technology and forget the real important things in life

What it does

  • Fotention tells people to get off phone, and focus on what they can do without phone (spending time with families, friend, hobbies,...).

  • The app will reward user points base on how long they stay off phone.

  • User then can use points to trade goods (coupons, flight ticket, cash,....)

How we built it

  • Front-end: XML, HTML, CSS, React.js

  • Back-end: Firebase, Google Cloud Platform, Azure

  • Languages: JavaScript, Java in Android Studio

Challenges we ran into

It sounds simple, but when we try to track whether the phone is turned off or locked down or not, we need to ensure the app also run at the background. We thought that all the app will run in background by default, but we actually need to implement that as well, for the app to be able to run in background by itself.

Connecting Firebase and Android Studio is simple but it is quite challenging for newcommers too.

For the front end team, the biggest challenge was learning and approaching React.js as our first front-end development library. The biggest obstacle in this technology was the translation between traditional web development and more sophisticated, modularized coding.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Finish what we planned at the beginning.

Learn new things (React, Android Studio, API,....)


What we learned

React, More about Android Studio, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Teamwork,..... and coffee does not work ( in fact Boba > Coffee)

What's next for Fotention

Implement Microsoft Face Recognition to further authenticate users, and secure user account

Reward users x5 points when user turn off phone while driving! Don't Text and Drive!!

Go IPO !$!$!$!$

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