We thought of a world where every body could feel equal and connect with one another despites our numerous barriers Am a Medical student and everyday when I am on call I came across patients and people with a lot of disabilities and I don't always know how to connect with them

What it does

Foster Guide is a platform where any body can connect and its used to Understand the needs of people having a disability

How we built it

I built the prototype using figma and the vector component using adobe illustrator

Challenges we ran into

I had a hard time finding out what to build I also had a hard time getting a coder to code

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I am proud of my design and idea and i hope to find for a coder to implement it

What we learned

we learned on disabilities and increase our knowledge of how to code equitable and usable apps

What's next for Foster

I plan on getting a coder to code the app and working on a deceived all in one device that can be given to people with disabilities and this device will connect with the app

Built With

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