The problem

The biggest issue faced by most countries during the COVID-19 crisis is the fact that the main infection route is by contact. Despite all the lockdowns and social-distancing measures across the world, people will still need food.

In this setting, supermarkets can provide an "ideal setting" for virus transfer, "Many people are touching and replacing items, checkout belts, shopping cars, cash, cards, ATM payment buttons, paper receipts etc... Not to mention being in the proximity of several other people.

Furthermore, the corona crisis not only threatens our health but also our global and personal economy. With 'stay at home' and 'minimize contact' being the main measures adopted globally to prevent the virus from spreading, businesses relying on customer flow are shutting down and people are losing their jobs

Our solution

Forly is a contact-less grocery delivery platform in alternative to in-person shopping. A web and mobile app which aim to keep out a great amount of customers from the physical grocery shops and reduce the chances of infection of those people by having our shoppers doing this work for them so less hands are getting involved in the process.

We believe we can make a positive impact by constraining the virus from spreading through a contact-less service, improve local businesses revenue by enabling a delivery option for their products, and provide jobs to the people who got temporarily or permanently laid off due to the crisis.

A platform that integrates all the stores you love in one place. So you can order your local beer or buy some flowers for your loved one from the safe and comfort of your home.

We want to renovate our local stores by integrating a virtual store and a delivery service of their products, so they can connect with more customers and keep their business alive

These products are going to be carefully delivered by our team of shoppers - providing new job opportunities to those who might have been laid off or need an extra source of income.

What we have built

In just 2 days and a half we were able to jump from a "work in progress" landing page, to a fully functional one. We have also designed a prototype and the first Database schema for our app. This Hackathon has been a proof of our capabilities and commitment.

What we want to do next

We are planning to release our Alpha version, reach agreements with new stores and run our first pilot test with our first team of shoppers!

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