When we found out the youngest age for travel is 5 years old, we were shocked. We decided that if infants are going to stroll themselves down international airports, they might as well do it safely.

What it does

This tool helps ease the mind of parents or guardians when their children or other dependents are traveling alone by receiving updates on their child/dependents flight journey. It also provides a streamlined process for users who are new to air travel or users who have difficulty navigating airports.

How we built it

FlySafe is built using React Native on top of MongoDB. We decided to use React Native because we wanted a fluid and almost-gamelike UI that would be easy to follow for both a parent and an unattended child. We used MongoDB because wanted to use AA’s Mock Engine to pull data about users, flights, and reservations. In addition, we storyboarded, journey mapped, and discussed constraints and technical design using a whiteboard, sticky notes, illustrator, sketch, and figma.

Challenges we ran into


Accomplishments that we're proud of

We ate at Loro, the brainchild of Franklin’s BBQ and Uchi, down South Lamar. It was pretty good and truly felt like Asian-Fusion done right. We also ate a ton of sunflower seeds.

What we learned

That you can be 5 years old and travel alone. Humans can survive without peeing for 16 hours.

What's next for FlySafe

This versatile and simple push-notification/geo-fencing model can be scaled out to a number of use cases, from safely helping special needs fliers navigate through their flight to keeping an eye on an elderly flier who may suffer from flight anxiety. We can begin to introduce more integrations like indoor GPS, machine learning algorithms to detect dangerous patterns (wandering off and getting lost, etc.), multiple languages, and thinking years into the future, AR overlays for navigation and entertainment.

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