An account budgeting app designed at VT Hacks III

See where you're spending. A better budgeting tool for your expenses.

Traditional bank and credit card statements inform you of your past expenditures. These documents provide no deep understanding of the way you spend your money. Flex is not a bank statement, it's your new personal advisor.

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With Flex, users can see so much more than a statement. Users can see their recent purchases mapped out and can find where they spend the most money. Humans associate purchases with locations and experiences. Flex understands this and presents users with location-based transaction information. Find your spending spree.

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Flex's real power comes from its deep analysis tools. Natural Language Processing and personalized data visualizations position Flex at the forefront of modern banking. Let Flex take the work out of analyzing your spending with our interactive visualizations, location-based spending warnings, and categorized historical information. Our advanced algorithms break down your complex spending patterns into 9 core categories. Flex is truly a revolutionary tool designed to bring spending analysis to the modern you.

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