Friends are awesome. They're worth spending time with, and you know it.

But organizing meetups with your high school buddies, uni classmates, bar compatriots, and fandom circles takes planning. And coordinating that many people's schedules can fry anyone's brain - hardly a fun Saturday afternoon!

Introducing FlashMeet. Get out of the house, reconnect with your pals, and enjoy a few hours of social fun.

Just tap Start, and FlashMeet instantly organizes a race into town between you and four friends.

The goal? An awesome new hangout you'll love. First friend there wins Internet bragging points!

Nurture friendships.

Build memories.

Breathe fresh air.

Just start FlashMeet next time you hunker down for Cat Meme Hour.

Technical Overview

~ iOS App Source | API Server Source ~

When you hit the Start button in the FlashMeet app, the friends you'll meet with and the hangout it'll happen at are chosen by our Rails-based API server.

The app itself is built in Swift for iOS 8, and relies on MapKit for its most complex view: a map showing the realtime locations of your friends racing you to the meetup spot.

The Google Maps API calculates travel times with public transit, and is key to keeping the game fair. The closer a user is to the meetup spot, the later the race's destination is revealed to them.

Our data is persisted and exposed for realtime use in Firebase. This database made sense at our scale, and made it trivial to keep location markers up to date with new locations as needed.

Facebook's Graph API handles our app's logins and makes it easier to connect a user with their own friends.

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