We want to solve the all-too-common problem that people have a really hard time communicating to find where each other are.

We're the all-in-one tool to help people find each other, especially in small places. People shoot out Flares, geotagged posts with text and images, to various channels that others can subscribe to. So this way:

  • Two people who want to meet up can jump on the same channel, shoot out Flares, and find each other.
  • A group (like a pre-arranged hackathon group) can make a channel and find the best waypoint to meet.
  • At job fairs or hackathons, businesses can shoot out Flares so everyone knows who's where.
  • Landmarks like colleges or national parks can make quick, easy, and free virtual tours: just shoot up flares with text and images at a bunch of locations, and let visitors explore a place by its Flares.
  • People can make private channels and make special personal maps just for themselves.
  • Heck, you can do hide-and-seek for the modern world with a channel and a few Flares.
  • If people are in danger or lost, they can shoot up a Flare and the authorities can pinpoint their location.

You can see all the Flares on a channel on a map, and if you tap a Flare the app will use your phone's compass to guide you to the Flare site.

Flare runs on the web as well as natively on Android, iOS, Blackberry, you name it.

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