codeforfish @fishackathon London

What it does

IoT Sensor Data and SmartApp with Cognitive Fish Recognition, Metrics, telemetry via Anything to Cloud+OpenData platform.

How we built it

Intel-Edison-Seeed-Grove, Arrow SmartEverything, SigFox/Arqiva Android SmartPhone and Algorithm to validate lossless Image Capture. A few other bits and pieces from Maplin and Tesco!

Challenges we ran into

Cognitive Services for Fish is difficult to achieve on client-side. Requires big data and server-side power. We adapted for a reconciliation when vessels come ashore, to offload the big-data catch! (boom boom) via mobile device and app. We can beam telemetry metrics etc in near real-time to cloud from offshore, fat files need to come ashore. No problem! Incentivising small scale and village fisherman to adopt; we introduced a concept of village bounty

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are the only functional HARDWARE play in London @fishackathon and demonstrated live. We invented several great things applying knowledge gathered from high quality domain experts during the event. We learned our solution is UNIQUE and according to experts has great potential and purpose. Really chuffed! Concept of 'Ship2Cloud' data bursting High Quality Data to an open data platform with an API library would be welcomed by industry and developers.

What we learned

Hackathon in urban commercial office space is no place for satellite data transfer! We can do great things for Fishery organisations across the planet. We learned a lot about Fish! We also learned about many initiatives focused on conservation and responsible gear and gear waste management. Accessing and utilising fishery data is complex.

What's next for FishWiser

Commercialisation and IP protection. We would welcome funding to properly package the solution for harsh/rugged maritime conditions. During our presentation we set the scope of Phase I project to involve product development and a pilot with 50 indigenous fisherman and port authority. Enhance the development of bespoke sensor and 'oculous drift' bespoke (marine) engineered rig for 3D scanning of exotic/endangered/migrating species causing no physical harm.

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