Our team was inspired by the idea of using apps to help people in any part of the world fish sustainably. We focused on creating a system that is easy to use by anybody, requires no technical knowledge, and is robust enough to be easily scaled.

What it does

This app provides instant location-based regulation data to local fishers in the Philippines. It uses cell tower GPS data to track a user, display local marine protected areas, and alert them when they enter a regulated area. The app also provides laws and decrees, resources, and weather alert data which is generated for localized regions. FishOps is easily scalable, and can already be used in either English or Tagalog.

How we built it

Our team built this app in three days during the Monterey Bay Aquarium Fishackathon. We primarily used Android Studio, Google Maps API, Sqlite, and Adobe Illustrator.

Challenges we ran into

It was challenging to draw the local marine protected areas on a dynamically created map, and allow the user to interact with those areas. The database design was also a challenge, and took a significant amount of time to solve.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Getting the weather alerts to work properly was a major accomplishment! This was a stretch goal from the beginning, and we were lucky that we had enough time to get it working. We are also very proud that the app works in Tagalog, as this will make it easy to use in the Philippines out of the box, and simple to port to other countries as well.

What we learned

Our team learned a lot about fishing issues in the Philippines, what has been done already there, and what needs to happen in the future. We also learned more about working with Android studio, particularly the Google Maps API and Sqlite databases.

What's next for FishOps

We plan to continue working on this project no matter what! We're all very passionate about what we've done so far, and will continue to develop the app, hopefully with a full release in the future.

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