We could not find a an application which let us find university clubs or events, their locations and requirements. In the play store there was an application that let you find courses that you could drop-in on, this application was named UW Drop-In, this is where we got some of our ideas. Although we started with the idea of making a specific application to tackle this problem in the University of Waterloo we decided to generalize our application and make it so that anyone could add events and anyone could find them.

How it works

Organizers of events ,like clubs or parties, can add event details to our server which then can be accessed by anyone by finding the event on the map in our application. They can find event information such as room number, coordinates (latitude and longitude), requirements, times, etc.

Challenges we ran into

  • Implementing the OpenStreetMap library correctly into our application and having a visible map was a huge challenge
  • Making a server taught us many things along the way and we encountered errors that were hard to find but easy to solve
  • Github breaking our code due to people trying to merge programs and having conflicting code
  • Debugging our application was very frustrating at times

    Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • Getting a map to work in our application

  • Making a server

  • Using Github to collaborate effectively on the project

What I learned

  • Along the way we learnt many tricks and some concepts in Java, Javascript and XML
  • How to make a server using Heroku and Javascript
  • How to integrate OpenStreetMaps into an Android application
  • How to integrate our server into our Android application
  • How to use GitHub

What's next for Findr

  • Adding more options in creating an event
  • Adding the option to have limited spaces at an event
  • Adding the option to add tickets to an event
  • Adding the ability to search events (using a search engine)

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