The main inspiration was to be able to find some way to use spark as more than just a tool to create filters but also to create any type of game.

What it does

'Medieval shoot' is a game in which you will have to shoot at the enemies that want to attack you for a certain time, your only weapon will be a cannon. Use it wisely.

The game has 2 different levels in wich you'll be able to interact with physics inside a game made it in Spark.

How I built it

The first thing was the design of the game, I found enough limitations for many things that I had in mind but in the end I was left with the idea of making a vertical slice showing a little of what the final project would become. The main mechanic that was used was to shoot. 2 different levels were designed in which the biggest difference lies in the target and the complexity of the level.

The game was built in Spark AR Studio, I used javascript to write all the game logic and I used the patch editor to control the interaction with the objects in the scene. Predesigned levels had to be generated and displayed only when the player completes a previous level.

3D modeling was done in blender, a low poly design was chosen to optimize resources. There are around 10 different objects in the game such as: floors, bushes, cannon, characters.....

Challenges I ran into

The main challenges were

  • Control physics inside Spark
  • Create objects in real time

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am proud of all the work done and having accomplished the main goal of achieving a physics game based.

What I learned

The most important thing I learned was to control my development times and not give up.

What's next for 'Medieval Shoot'

The next thing is to increase more levels, improve art, optimize resources, improve performance and increase more innovative mechanics.

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