We were bored. We were burnt out with unproductive days, and we needed something to distract ourselves from everything around us. So, we made a fun bot to have fun and play this interesting game whenever we want. We also wanted to experiment on some new cool features like buttons, thread, menus etc., added by discord.

What it does

Game starts after we ping our bot i.e, fin. Fin then takes us through various topics on sharks with the help of self-built presentation viewer.But the presentation starts glitching. fin with the help of electroreception, contacts us and warns us to go home. But, fin ends up doing more harm than good, creating messes and spamming everywhere. So its upto you to swim your way home :D

How we built it

  1. We used Node.JS, and with the help of discord.js made a discord bot.
  2. Also used Discord buttons to create buttons.
  3. Giphy API to spam various spams of gifs to different respective channels.
  4. We used CockroachDB for our database and used this to store user data, which will give us the leaderboard of our Players who'll play the game.
  5. For designing, we used Illustrator to create Logo and banner. And for presentations we used Canva and imported it to present on our discord bot. And also figma and notion to track our workflow.

Challenges we ran into

Setting up cockroach-db was quite a challenge, but we pulled it thru. As new DJS-13 which uses node-16 is out,it's not as stable as it's predecessor with different syntax's, so it was difficult getting used to it as our fins were comfortable on it's older version i.e, DJS-12.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  1. To use CockoachDB locally and run use Cockroach Cloud to deploy our SQL instance on the cloud.
  2. To make a discord bot with various new features and making it worth using.

What we learned

Exploring new Discord features from basic button to creating threads. How to do CICD using github and google cloud. Patience was our biggest secret . And resolving merge conflicts.

What's next for fin.

We have some future enhancements in our mind where this game is more interactive with high difficulty.

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