Working on a resource mapping toolkit one of our mentors showed us a relevant video of Destin @SmarterEveryDay, then at the end of the video, I ordered the domain then published the call to action on it.

What it does

  1. Supporting communities to have their easy-to-use webpage under a subdomain.
  2. Providing tools and strategies for collaboration and the emergence of communities.
  3. Listing #FightingCOVID solutions, resources, and other databases.

How I built it

The current page was created with Godaddy's free webpage creator but needed to rebuild in a more adaptive way with simple HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, .json technology with some kind of NoSQL database.

Challenges I ran into

I am too slow with coding today and hard to find good programmers who are available for agile development.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

It was a great feeling to find the perfect available domain for it and setting up a quick MVP under. Many people were giving positive feedback about the idea.

What I learned

Today it's hard to find agile developers and more effort is needed to spread the word.

What's next for Fighting COVID Today

The next step is to

  • replicate the current site on a node.js compatible hosting to be able to start the development and
  • bring more people to the team,
  • make connections with similar projects and
  • find incentives for the community to build spread the world and build a bigger database.

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