We are creating a one-stop shop that curates the best online learning resources and helps students learn quantitative skills.

What it does

Fermi Bot is an independent web-based bot that utilizes Wolfram Alpha and Quizlet API to help students review and test course materials.

How we built it

We wrote Python script for, integrated the backend with Polymer front end, and deployed the chatbot on Heroku.

Challenges we ran into

We tried to build Fermi Bot with Meteor, but we ran into Meteor and Polymer compatibility issue. We also spent a lot of time getting familiar with the code base of and deploying the chatbot online.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We integrated into Polymer front end, and now it is available online for everyone to learn.

What we learned

Bot frameworks are not as mature as we thought they would be. A team with diverse talents can get things done in a remarkable way.

What's next for Fermi Bot

Fermi’s mission is to make personalized online learning a medium for democratizing higher education. We aim to help underserved recent graduates learn better and find professional opportunities. We aspire to provide practical and innovative courses in business, data analysis, technology, and design as well as career platform to our students.

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