Statistics show that the rate of crimes against women increases by an alarming rate of 44% or more every year. With increasing crimes against women these days, we found it extremely necessary to build something that helps them feel safe. Our idea is to help women who travel alone, be it after late-night work hours or for shopping in a far off location. We have implemented multiple features that aren’t available to them readily and designed a lightweight mobile application for the same. This ensures their safety at travel and in case of any danger, it sends alerts to their emergency contacts. It also alerts the contacts when the predefined path is not being followed and the vehicle deviates.

What it does:

1. Finding a cab companion: Suppose a woman is to travel late at night, she can choose to travel with someone who is traveling the same path instead of traveling alone. On filling up the pickup point and the destination point, the app would show her the results listing all the women traveling the same path. She can choose who to travel with, as per her liking, and book her ride.

2. Chatting with the cab companion: After choosing your cab companion and confirming the ride, the woman can converse with her companion through text messages.

3. Alert on path deviation: Once the ride is confirmed, the app already decides a predefined route that the cab is supposed to follow. If there is any deviation noticed in the path being traversed, the user’s emergency contacts are immediately notified. These features and functionalities of the proposed application solve the problem of unsafe travel. The woman can travel with a companion and also keep her family updated in case of any upcoming danger.

4. Alert through the press of a single button: If the user clicks on the alert button, then the emergency contacts of the user will be notified. We can also implement this functionality by pressing a single button in the application.

5. Seamless User Experience: We ensure a smooth user experience by creating a minimalist UI.

How we built it:

Android Application: Front-end software: XML; Back-end software: Java; Database: Firebase; Text Editor: Android Studio

Web Application: Front-end software: HTML, CSS, Bootstrap; Text Editor: VS CODE

Design: Figma; Adobe Illustrator

Challenges faced:

Android Application: Making the path deviation functional and accurate along with Google Maps API integration was a major challenge we ran into. However, using online resources we were able to build our requirement.

Web Application: Making the website responsive and ensuring that the UI did not crash on various devices was a challenge faced. However, ultimately, we managed to make it compatible and user-friendly on screens of different sizes.

Design: Designing a minimalist UI with great user experience while keeping the application easy to understand took a while. However it all worked out in the end!

Accomplishments that we're proud of :

  1. We managed to implement the path detection and deviation systems accurately by pre-dermining the routes successfully. This is a feature that is currently unavailable in the existing cab services and we're glad to have found our way to the solution
  2. We successfully integrated the SMS services with the application that send alerts in case of danger.

What we learned:

Implementing the complex logic using multiple screens in the Android Application was something we got a hang of. The success of implementing the path deviation and detection feature gave us immense pleasure.

Achieving great user experience and responsivity on devices of various sizes was another concept we learnt. Overall, we learnt how to deal with various errors that came up in the process while solving it in an almost effortless manner.

What's next for Femme:

The application was built successfully and after conducting a survey within our community, we received a lot of positive remarks about the usefulness of the application and the idea of it. However, we also received feedback on the improvements to be done to help us provide a better user experience to our customers.

  1. In future scope, we could add a feature of voice and video recording at the moment of danger and send it to the emergency contacts so that they are well informed about the situation and the action to be taken.
  2. We could also notify the nearest police station of the happening in order to bring her out of danger as soon as possible.
  3. We would also like to add a gesture recognition system to send alerts so that with a hand movement, alert messages can be sent to all the emergency contacts.
  4. Another improvement is the addition of a functionality to take the driver’s and car’s picture and send it to her contacts before beginning the journey.
  5. Most importantly we aim to publish our application on playstore to increase our audience.

Implementing these features would make it a perfect platform that a woman could carry along with her, while traveling with confidence.

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