The Major League Hacking Fellowship has been great, don't get us wrong. However, something we miss in our remote summer experience are the casual coffee breaks and candid conversations with coworkers. So, we decided to create a virtual experience to encourage unstructured socializing between fellows in an enjoyable, Animal Crossing inspired video game.

What it does

Fellow Crossing is a video game that encourages socialization between coworkers. It includes a spacious map with a server-wide chatbox feature, a coffee room with voice calling features, a music room with synchronized background music, and a personal office space with customizable furniture. These features were developed with the goal of encouraging small talk and mingling amongst fellows during their break times.

How to play

The game is published here as downloadable executables. Please download windowsApp.exe and windows.App.pck for Windows or and macApp.pck for Mac.

How I built it

The game was fundamentally built using the Godot game engine and Gd scripts. The server-side SQL database and game host is through AWS, while the client-side game is published on itch io. Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator were used to create graphics for the game, and Python scripts were written for the voice chat and music room features.

What's next for Fellow Crossing

We want to continue improving features of this game beyond this hackathon. Firstly, the way the voice calling feature is implemented right now causes buffers, so we want to improve this by using a library instaed (Mumble or Opus). We also want to add more interactive features such as mini-games or icebreakers.

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