This year the University of Michigan closed one of its biggest Rec Facilities. The first few weeks back to school we found it IMPOSSIBLE to find room at the gym. Whether it be in the weight rooms or on the cardio equipment, there were lines that doubled your time spent at the gym. We believed there was a better way to find those quiet hours, or beat the rush, we just didn't have a means.

What it does

We built FastTrack to connect those who have no time to waste. We keep track of daily attendance at gyms, and provide that data back to you. We have built a easy to use iOS app to visually connect you to the attendance data at Gyms to help you plan your daily and weekly schedules. In order to encourage users to contribute to the data-poo, we have incorporated a rewards system that promotes a healthy lifestyle.

How I built it

We used the Parse Database framework to handle all data storage, and handle all data requests. User account creation, and verification was done seamlessly through the Facebook iOS SDK and the Facebook Graph API. We built the entirety of the front-end on iOS.

Challenges I ran into

We used the iOS MapKit and I found it difficult, but essential to use custom annotations to help users see visually the data we had to provide them.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The Front-End design of our application was amazing. If feels very crips and professional

What I learned

We spent a lot of time working with data this weekend and learning how to interface with front-end clients. We have learned the importance of visual data representation.

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