Faeble is an Augmented Reality application that aims to transform the way people tell stories. In the application, the user can record sessions of their own stories using pre-made, animated characters. These characters are hand-drawn, 2D images that also have a 3D model component displayed digitally. These stories are recorded and saved to "Scenes", where the user can rewatch them. The video is consisted of moving 3D objects (imitating user's character movements with AR technologies), audio, and a selection of backgrounds.

Throughout the two days, our team collaborated to make different components using Unity Engine and Vuforia, an AR plug-in. Recording the video and audio is an incredibly hard challenge, as there is no existing unity plug-in or library to support that functionality. Therefore, we have to come up with a new solution that generates the same result. We "hacked" it by recording the position and orientation of tracked models and replace them into the scene with an added 2D background. The audios are dynamically linked after the process of recording. On the side of UI/UX design, all of our characters are hand-drawn and some of our models have animations. One of our teammates also paper-prototyped the whole mobile application before we code, did beautiful artworks for logos and banners through Illustrator, and so on.

We learned so much from the past two days. Two of our teammates have never used Unity Engine or Vuforia before, and it's a brand new experience for them.

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